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Jackets! There isn’t a perfect method for finding one for your body, but heres a feeew hints.

1) Bigger girls, avoid “poofy” jackets

2) Buy for your torse length, short torso? Short jacket. Looks “Warm” and “comfortable” when its to your knees, cute, yes, fashionable? Not really.

3) Please, for my sake, no jean jackets with jeans!!!

4) The broader your shoulders, the more movement you need, so leather may not be for you if you have broad shoulders.

5) Curvy, and full figured girls should avoid buttons, they pop open and it stretches strings, and buckles… Zippers! Go for bigger sizes if needed.

6) Can you stretch your arms above your head?

That’s a few pointers, but jackets, are trial, and error.

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